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As a millennial that has grown up loving the entertainment industry and popular culture, social media became an important part of my life at a young age. I knew from the moment that I entered the University of Florida that I wanted to major in public relations and pursue a career in entertainment PR. As a PR major with a concentration in event management and pursing a graduate certificate in social media, my education and experiences at UF and my prior internship have tailored my skills to the profession I have always dreamed of.

I am eager to join your public relations team for your next TV, film, or album launch. My knowledge of the entertainment industry, along with my background in media relations, event management, and social media management have excellently prepared me to be a part of your PR team.

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My Background

This past year, as the public relations director for my sorority at UF, I managed all of the sorority’s social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, which were updated several times a week.  Combined with the management of the sorority’s website, I am confident in my ability to create quality content that is viewed by large audiences.

This past summer I was a full-time communications intern at Paragon Events, an event management company in Delray Beach, Florida. My regular responsibilities included posting on the company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts with photos and content from events planned by Paragon and daily life in the office. Through writing news releases for upcoming events, new hires and awards ceremonies, I honed my writing skills with pieces that I then disseminated to the local and national media.

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This was the perfect internship for everything I have learned in college to come together in an environment that I could apply my knowledge. I was able to execute strategies in public relations, social media marketing and event planning for an entire summer.

At UF I am the Director of Hospitality for ACCENT Speakers Bureau, a student government organization that brings prominent and influential speakers to the university. As part of the promotional team for the event, I have learned the importance of promotion through online platforms as well as reaching the target demographic for your event. Recently we brought Paul Rudd to speak at UF, and I have the honor of planning the VIP reception after his talk.

Pauld Rudd

Please visit KTEntertainment to read some of the pieces I have written on celebrity news and articles I have written upon interviewing celebrities. Here is my introductory video to the site:

Get to know me better by checking out my Pinterest here.

I constantly am reading celebrity clad magazines, watching nightly entertainment news shows and reading countless articles each day to keep informed on everything in the entertainment business. My favorite news source to keep me up to date is E! news.

My education from the University of Florida, involvement on campus, prior internship and passions have prepared me for a successful career as a PR professional in the entertainment industry.


Katie Alter


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