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American Eagle Outfitters

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American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is a clothing brand targeted at 15 to 24 year olds that has a strong social media presence across many platforms. AEO uses an IMC approach through social media by using a variety of social media sites that each offer valuable information to the viewer, and often linking social media sites to each other. By using a multitude of social channels, AEO increases its consumer reach. Facebook and Twitter post about sales mixed with posts about new trends and fashions, whereas Instagram never has promotional graphics and is more artsy. Examples of this are in the two photos below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.11.09 AMIMG_2372

AEO uses consistent imagery across all platforms. Almost every post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ contains a photo, which aligns with the images posted on Instagram and Pinterest. Photos of models in AEO clothing are commonly in outdoor settings of the beach or open landscapes. AEO’s high-quality images are also of outfits laid out in the same style. The text that accompanies the images is short and to the point, telling a little about the articles of clothing and where to find them on the website. The tone is always casual but excited about the fashions.

AEO constantly updates their social media sites to engage follows, but not overwhelm them. Instagram posts are published about five times a day, Facebook and Twitter post about four times a day, Google+ posts once or twice a day, and images are frequently pinned on Pinterest. Posts are extremely timely, with the season’s newest trends and items, as well us updates on current and upcoming sales. AEO also makes sure to keep posts relevant and relate to their target market, including posts related to events, such as styles inspired by the Grammys, and posts about holidays, like this tweet about Valentines Day.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.24.12 AM

AEO integrates its social channels by providing links on to other channels on its accounts. AEO’s Facebook has a tab to view the brands Instagram feed to encourage them to follow AEO on Instagram. Google+ has a link to AEO’s YouTube channel. While every platform has a link to the company’s website, they could do a better job at including more links to the social media channels to promote followers on multiple channels.


AEO has created the hashtag #AEOSTYLE that the brand uses on all social media platforms to promote interconnectivity. The hashtag is most commonly used on Instagram. AEO regrams images of people who use the hashtag. #AEOSTYLE is used consistently on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Pinterest also has a board that’s called “Start 2016 in #AEOSTYLE.”

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is a clothing company that also sells home furnishings along with other small items, targeted at “urban-minded” 18 to 30 year olds. Urban Outfitters (UO) has strong social media presence aimed at its digital native demographic. The company’s most successful social channel is Instagram, with its 4.4 million followers. UO takes an IMC approach by linking social channels with each other, its website and ads on the web and Facebook. UO’s Facebook has apps of its Instagram and Pinterest for people to check out without leaving Facebook. UO’s Google+ also is a great hub to get connected on all social channels because it provides links to UO’s Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr accounts, as well as links to all segments of the UO website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.50.43 PM

UO is very consistent with its images and overall vibe on every social media platform. The bohemian, adventures themed pictures seem to be never ending across all channels. The tone of captions and text posts are short and casual and focused on the overall persona of the brand, not always directly related to their product. For example, UO’s Instagram count gives off a persona of a young, care-free, adventurous woman, with images of the beach, food and lots of polaroid photos along with the posts of UO pictures. An example of this is in the image below.


UO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are updated most frequently with UO’s Instagram account posting about four times a day and Twitter posting as much as five to 10 times a day. UO’s Facebook posts content every few days, but Google+ can go over a week without a new post.

UO is a frequent user of hashtags. Most Instagram posts include one describing the photo. The most used hashtag is #UOonYou, used for photos with models in the clothing. UO also uses #UOHome for images of home and apartment products and #UOBeauty for its beauty line. UO’s Pinterest account also has boards for each of the hashtags.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.07.22 PM

UO has a strong brand identify that they translate well through social media with image-heavy content. They do a good job of posting different high-quality content and images on each platform, however UO could improve the amount it posts on Facebook and Google+.



nike logo

Nike, which lands number 18 on Forbes’s “World’s Most Valuable Brands” list, is a company which has mastered the IMC approach. From print ads to viral videos Nike is an exemplary brand in the marketing world, that is backed up by its social media presence.  Nike has over 10 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the different sports the company sells clothing and products for. Nike’s main accounts share, retweet and regram content from these specialized accounts to promote interconnectivity.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.09.59 AM

NikeWomen on Pinterest is one of Nike’s specialized social media accounts. The Pinterest has boards of the newest styles and motivational quotes.

Nike’s Instagram is the brand’s most followed social channel with over 37 million followers. Posts on the social channels are commonly photos and videos of athletes whom Nike sponsors.While content is always relevant and high-quality, Nike does not post as frequently as such a huge brand should. Facebook and Instagram posts can be as far as two weeks apart. Nike’s Twitter posts about every few days, as the most frequently updated channel. Nike’s YouTube channel is extremely well utilized, uploading over 40 original videos within the past year.

While Nike commonly uses hashtags in posts, there is not a consistent hashtag that is used on any single channel or across them as a whole. Nike could benefit from posting more frequently on all its social media channels to better utilize its large following.


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