HootsuiteScreen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.09.26 PMHootsuite is a social media management system also referred to as a social relationship platform that helps brands track and manage its social network channels. A survey from the monitoring tool Pingdom reported that Hootsuite is the top social media management system, and over 20 percent of companies are using it to manage its social media empires [1].

Its History

Hootsuite was created in 2008 by Ryan Holmes who saw the potential to create a better social media experience for businesses. The site has grown to have more than 10 million users around the world, becoming the most widely used social relationship platform [2]. Hootsuite’s dramatic growth has been driven by increased demand among global organizations, including PepsiCo, Virgin, Orange, Sony Music, HBO, UPS, Panasonic to name a few [3]. In just four years Hootsuite grew to more than 300 staff members in Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, London, Sydney and other cities around the world.

What it Does

Monitors multiple social media streams in one place Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.09.08 PMHootsuite allows companies to keep track of multiple social media platforms all in one concise dashboard. That is where users can schedule posts and manage social media channels, without having to login to each separate channel. Users can choose from more than 100 social networks that can be managed through Hootsuite, and up to 50 social accounts can be connected depending on the size of a company’s Hootsuite package. Hootsuite allows users to set up different “steams,” the information available on the dashboard, for each social media channel [4].

Once companies have added one or more social channels, a tab is created for that channel that has tailored streams. The available stream options vary from social network to social network, but contain the options to monitor posts for comments and activity, messages, and actions by followers . Up to 10 streams can be used per tab [5].

For example, one stream might be content from people that the account followers on that social channel. The next might be a “mentions” stream that allows companies to see when it is mentioned on the social channel and respond accordingly. Another stream can be personalized keywords that are relevant to the company so that they can jump into conversations that relate to them. The most popular stream is scheduled posts that display content that has been created and arranged to be posted at a certain date and time [4]. Up to 350 messages can be created and scheduled to post at one time [6].

The following image is a dashboard for a Twitter account with streams that follow a hashtag, mentions of the account, sent tweets, and the direct message inbox of the Twitter account.

Hootsuite streams

Allows a team to manage social media channels

Hootsuite provides a centralized site for a company with a social media team to manage all of the social networks. Anyone on the team can respond to messages, mentions and comments through a single dashboard [7]. Administrators of accounts can delegate responses to different team members, who are notified when a task has been allocated to them, to ensure certain content is responded to by a single person [1]. Approval settings can also be created to designate team leaders approval before content is shared [8].

Helps to manage customer service

Hootsuite allows users to draft and store messages for team members, ensuring a swift response that is on brand and appropriate for frequently asked questions. To see how to draft and share messages watch the video below.

Analytic capabilities

Hootsuite offers a vast amount of analytics for social channels in one location. Social media engagement patterns across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ accounts are available, as well as insights from Google Analytics. Brands can see what content resonates on social channels, measuring clicks, likes, retweets and more. Messages tied to specific campaigns or events can be tagged and tracked to easily analyze its content, volume and sentiment. These analytics help to quickly and easily build reports to keep the social team and company up to date. Internal metrics can also be measured to track the amount of messages sent and response rates [9].


The Right Plan for the Right Audience

  •  Free – Hootsuite offers a free plan suitable for individual users. It allows users to run up to three social media profiles, however it does not offer all of the services that higher plans have. But it does include basic analytic reports and message scheduling.
  • Pro – Hootsuite Pro is fitting for small to medium sized companies that have anywhere from one to 500 employees. This plan includes the management of up to 50 social profiles, bulk message scheduling, access to premium apps and an enhanced analytics report. This plan is $9.99 a month for one user, but the cost increases for every user up to the 10 possible added.
  • Enterprise – Hootsuite’s most extravagant plan is appropriate for large corporations, as well as businesses and agencies that need one platform for teams to manage social channels for multiple clients. On top of Pro’s features, services also include real-time analytics, publishing approvals and a start of five users, among other perks. Prices for this plan vary and are not public knowledge.

Who’s Using Hootsuite

Over 800 of Fortune 1,000’s leading organizations in the world are using Hootsuite [10]. An example of a very successful business that uses Hootsuite is Five Guys.five guys logo The originally family-run restaurant, which has grown to have more than 1,200 franchises across the U.S., Canada, England and Scotland, uses Hootsuite to manage its over one million followers on social media while keepings its family-owned personality. Five Guys uses hyper-local targeting to interact with customers, as well as other tactics.

Kenneth Westling, online marketing specialist at Five Guys shared, “by monitoring a variety of different hashtags it gives us the opportunity to react quickly to negative experiences, but also the opportunity to reach out to those individuals who are either trying us for the first time, or simply telling us they enjoy our food. These are things we love to hear and love having the opportunity to engage with these customers on a more personal level.”[11]

The backpack, bags, travel goods and accessories manufacturer Hershel Supply Co. has been able to achieve a 20 percent rise in customer service satisfaction rate and a 60 percent increase in overall positive brand sentiment using Hootsuite [12].

Hootsuite Mobilehootsuite 3 devices

Hootsuite has a mobile app to allow users to manage their channels while out of the office. Apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. The app has a 4.1 out of five rating on Google Play based on 70,000 reviews [13].

Check out this Prezi on Hootsuite here.


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