In Your Words 12

The following data is analyzed from company XYZ’s Facebook page from Jan. 1, 2016, to March 20, 2016. XYZ is a heating and cooling company located in Western Massachusetts. XYZ is a small business that provides instillations, maintenance and repairs for local heating and cooling systems. Along with Facebook, XYZ also uses has a website, Twitter account, Yelp page and Google+ page for online marketing. It is important to look at a company’s Facebook page analytics to see how fans react to different types of posts, and evaluate which posts gain the most reach and why. When looking at analytics you are also wanting to see what brings Facebook users to your page. When paying to “boost” or promote a post, it is important to see analytics for the posts to make sure the money that is being spent is worth it. Companies should also be paying attention to their fans’ demographics.

Company XYZ has a total of 549 Facebook page likes which have steadily steadily increased from about 500 likes at the beginning of January 2016. The likes are a mixture of organic and paid likes, with the majority of likes coming from ads. Likes also came from page suggestions and from Facebook users being on XYZ’s page.

XYZ’s Facebook post reach varies from as few as a couple people to as many as almost 3,000 people. The vast majority of post reach comes from paid posts and very little organically. March has been a very successful month as far as reach goes, with an all-time-high of almost 3,000, and no posts reaching less than 1,250 people. Total Reach analytics were extremely similar to post reach data.

Facebook users’ interactions with with XYZ’s posts are infrequent. Shares of posts are very limited, never having more than 10 shares on a post. The most popular interaction is reactions, which are usually below 10 but one post almost reached 40 and another had over 50 reactions. There are also few comments left on posts, a couple if any, but never more than 10. It is common that posts receive more reactions, comments on shares collectively.

The posts with the most reach and engagement are those that include photos. The average reach of a photo post is 1,333 people with 149 post clicks and 20 reactions, comments and shares. Video posts have an average reach of 323, with six post clicks.

XYZ promotes almost every one of their posts, and the majority of posts contain photos. The most successful post was made on March, 1, 2016 and reached 12,500 people, had 2,000 post clicks and 110 reactions, comments and shares.

From Feb. 21, 2016, to March 20, 2016, XYZ’s Facebook page had the most views on March 2, with 12 views, each by different people. Between March 1, and March 7, the page had the most views and most viewers.

From March 13, 2016, to March 20, 2016, most views are to the Home Page, with a few views of XYZ’s photos. Most views are from people on the mobile devices, with views from 22 people on their mobile devices and only two from people on their computers. During that same week, data shows that XYZ’s fans were on Facebook the most on Friday, and the most popular time of day for them to be online is between 7 to 9 p.m.

Fans of XYZ are from cities in Massachusetts and Connecticut, with Chicopee, MA being the city with the most fans. Fifty-six percent of fans are women and 44 percent are men. They are mostly between 25 and 64 years of age, which makes sense as that is the age of homeowners who would be interested in XYZ’s services.


XYZ would benefit from posting more frequently on Facebook. When trying to grow a following, it is important to have a steady stream of content being produced. XYZ sometimes goes over a week without creating a post. By posting everyday, or at least every other day, there is a higher chance that people will interact with a post, increasing its reach. XYZ should cross-promote all of its social media channels by posting on each one telling followers to follow XYZ on its other social media platforms. XYZ can share tweets in Facebook posts to help bring followers to its Twitter account. In the bios on each channel should be links to XYZ’s other social media accounts. XYZ’s website should also have icons that link to its Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Google+ pages.

XYZ should include future Facebook posts that have a call to action that asks fans to comment or share the post, increasing the posts reach. The post might ask a heating and cooling system related question, a question about something related to the company’s location, or ask fans to tag a friend who the post relates to. To integrate the company’s direct mail advertisements, a post might include a picture of a hard copy of an ad and say “Don’t miss out on our special deals. Be on our mailing list!” and provide a link to enter their home address information. Also any printed materials should include where to find XYZ on social media. A promotional Facebook campaign where XYZ asks fans tag friends and neighbors in the comments of a post, automatically will entering those fans into a drawing for a discounted service would not only directly contact certain users, but also cause the post to show up on people’s timelines who are friends with those interacting with the post.


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